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Runtx warehouse Equipment Electric Pallet truck

Runtx warehouse Equipment Electric Pallet truck

Electric Pallet Truck(CBD) 

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    Runtx model CDDC Electric Pallet Stacker
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Electric Pallet Truck model CBD

Electric Pallet Truck(CBD) 

The pallet truck is more flexible than the driver's stacker, because the operator can move around on foot at any time, and it is more convenient to operate in a small space.


Model No. Unit CBD15W CBD20W
Type of driving   Pedestrian Pedestrian
Load capacity kg 1500 2000
Load center C(mm) 500 600
Wheel type   Polyurethane solid tires Polyurethane solid tires
Max. lifting height H2(mm) 200 200
Max.lifting distance H(mm) 120 120
Min.fork clearance height H1(mm) 85 85
Fork length L1(mm) 1150 1150
Fork thickness mm 50 50
Fork width mm 160 165
Width over forks B1(mm) 540/680 540/680
Overall length L(mm) 1675 1675
Overall width B(mm) 562/702 562/702
Turning radius Wa(mm) 1480 1480
Min.aisle width (1000*1000 pallet) mm 2180 2180
Max.walking speed Load km/h 4.6 4.6
Unladen km/h 5.9 5.9
Max.lifting speed Load mm/s 35 35
Unladen mm/s 40 40
Max.descent speed Load mm/s 35 45
Unladen mm/s 35 35
Grade ability Load % 5 8
Unladen % 7 12
Total weight kg 192 250
Wheel number   1D+4L/1D+2L 1D+4L/1D+2L
Wheel axis distance Y(mm) 1307 1307
Driving motor KW 0.75 AC 1 AC
Lifting motor KW 0.8 0.8
Battery capacity V/Ah 2x12/80 48/40
Driving brake   Regenerative Brake Regenerative Brake
Braking   Electromagnetic Brake Electromagnetic Brake
The controller/Model/Specification   CURTIS CURTIS




Runtx warehouse Equipment that made with the most mature technical design provide you excellent operating performance.


warehouse Equipment CBD details

1. Because of CURTIS electronic control, so we have multiple automatic protection system controllers.

2. Turning radius is small; vehicle's gravity is low, excellent steering stability.
3. There are lifting button on left and right sides of the operating handles, so it is convenient to cooperate.
4. Operating handle configured with high quality spring of air pressure, once loosen the handle, not just reset slowly and automaticlly, but durable.
5. Built-in-high energy sealed battery, long term use without maintenance; you don't need to add water during the period of life.
6. Front wheels consist of polyurethane, which is quite and suitable for the land with oil paint, epoxy resin paint and so on.


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If you are interested in our products and want to know more details,please leave a message here,we will reply you as soon as we can.
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